About Me

Hello Earthling Peasants, Ryan|I am 18|I live in Port Tennant|I went to Cefn Hefngoed comp.| I like play to play video games variety different games mostly fps.  I also like to graphic design hopefully I could gain a job in graphic design and video effects.| I also sometimes like spend at the gym and I like football I also, create YouTube videos.  I sometimes  like to speak to friends.  Like to speaking Italian.  I also like to do video making |I want to learn graphics.

In the future I would like receive a job in graphic or video effect design because that what I enjoy doing in IT.  The experiences I’ve had with graphic design and video effects are designing avis, banners and revamps’ ect.. .  For video effects I edit YouTube videos every day.  I also like to watch YouTube videos and streamers I watch You Tubers and streamers on a daily basis.  I like look in a YouTube community forums to interact with other people When I do Graphic Design I use Photoshop since I find it the most easiest to use and it more professional to use.

I do also like to watch a lot movies sometimes mainly mafia or gang type films e.g. The Krays and The Godfather ect.. There are other films I watch and I also like to watch comedy and my favourite actor is Will Smith because I think he’s really funny.

I really like hip hop type music because it gets me in the mood, I’ve listened to hip since a very young age I listen to variety of hip hop artists My top would be Eminem, Logic and Witt Lowry.  I also like football I like to play it and watch it, my favourite team is Arsenal because I’ve always watched them.

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