My name is Dylan, I’m 16 years old and live in Baglan, Port Talbot. I recently left Glan Afan comprehensive school and now currently training in Swansea ITeC but I don’t know what I’m going to study but I would like to learn how to fix and build computers, phones and other devices in that category but I would like to learn how to code and program to an extent so I have a basic knowledge on that topic if It ever comes up and I needed it, I think it would be useful. I also like simple things

I had some experience with opening a computer, I’ve replace my RAM, CPU and Graphics card but that isn’t hard and isn’t nearly enough experience too. The only hobby I really have is gaming, preferable on PC but I don’t mind as long as it has games I’ve used handhelds like GameBoy, Nintendo DS, and consoles but with all these PC is my favorite to use it as a wider selection of games. I really don’t like writing or doing math because I’m awful at them both. I would like to stay in Wales but I may move around to see where I like the most.

I would maybe like to start a business based around IT which would include graphics, building and fixing computers, ect. I rarely to some music mostly rap like Eminem, Logic and Futuristic but that’s about it. The games I play are CSGO, Call of duty, Ark Survival Evolved and DayZ but I’ll play mostly anything, while I’m on my PC I like to watch YouTube and twitch streamers. I often play a few friends and I usually meet a lot of people from around the world. I usually play around 7-8 hours a day depending on what im doing.

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