1. How did you feel before going? I felt a little bit nervous at first but then after starting it i felt a bit calm after starting it.
  2. What questions did he ask?  He asked questions about why i wanted the job, what  would i do on phone call if the customer was being rude, why i thought i was qualified for the job, what experience i had in the past.
  3. What questions did you find difficult? Certain questions i did have little struggle with at first but i didn’t find any specific ones hard to give an answer.
  4. How did you think it went? I think it went well because i gave a good an answer as i could.
  5. Rate your performance? I would rate my self a six out of ten because I stuttered little bit in answers and could have gave better detail in some answers.
  6. I will try to improve on a order i will answer questions and try not to talk to quick because of my speech will not be to clear and i wanna work on my answers.

About lgrifiths

Hello my name is Lewis Griffiths I am 17 years old and I am working towards getting a job in game programming currently
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