First Blog Post

Hi my name is Myles Thomas, I have recently turned 18 and I am just starting off my apprenticeship and training here at ITEC getting ready for the future ahead by putting my skills to the test and learning everything I can. I went to Olchfa comprehensive school and attended the sixth form there.

My apprenticeship is based in the offices below ITEC with a local company called ePOS Systems LTD. ePOS is a very well known company throughout Wales and supplies Tills and Till software to many businesses throughout Great Britain.

I am in my second week of work with the business and I am enjoying every minute, from learning new things everyday to do with the software to just improving my team work skills working in the small team we have in the offices. I have travelled all around Wales in just my first two weeks and look forward to doing more travelling as the days go by. However, I am still only new to the business and have a lot of settling in and learning to do.

I spend most of my time playing sport or playing video games. I mostly play football with my friends whether it be 5-a-side on a Tuesday night or just a kick about down the local park, but I will watch or play most sports if I have the chance. I usually play Video Games such as FIFA and Call of Duty  with the same group of friends and I use it as a way of relaxing from any stress I have.

I am from Swansea and have enjoyed living here due to the fantastic views and beaches we have. Living in Swansea has giving me good opportunities such as the one i have now with ePOS, but I do enjoy travelling whether its with family, friends or with work which I think is one of the reasons this jobs suits me as i get to see new sights and places.

I’d like to think I am a friendly person and I enjoy socialising with new people, which once again is another reason this apprenticeship suits me because it allows me to meet new people on the job and in my off-job training here at ITEC.

Hopefully this apprenticeship with help me further improve my skills and understanding of I.T as a whole and create more opportunities for me in the future.

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