ESW Project

For my ESW I decided to produce a project about my weekend away in London.

In my project I looked at different options for places to stay and to travel, as well as the cheapest. I created an itinerary which helped me to know what I was doing day by day. I used Microsoft Word as it the best suited software to use to complete my project

When producing my project, I used different software such as using headings, uploading images, graphs and tables.

I used these two website and to get information, this was easy to do as the websites have the option to search and filter which helped me get the information I need quickly. This also helped me find the cheapest place to stay and the cheapest way to travel to London.
Diigo was easy to use and also made producing my project quicker as I was able to save the page I needed and I could also check the same link later on after closing down the tab. This made getting the information easier and quicker.
At the start of my project I found it hard on what to write and how to set the lay out of the project. This caused me to be longer producing my project.

I planned my project before starting to produce it. I did this by using a planner, I was able to plan what I needed to do in the project and gain loads of information, this helped me as I knew what I need to do and what I needed to research on the internet. The next time I do a project I will definitely create a planner first.
Between my first and final draft I made loads of changes, this helped my project be more presentable. The changes I made are:

  • Layout
  • Added graphs
  • Added pictures of map
  • Added picture of London
  • Added picture of activities
  • Added tables
  • Added an itinerary
  • Added capital letters where needed
  • Changed spelling mistakes

The changes I made helped my project to be more understandable and also had more information.

If I had the chance to change my project, I would change some of the lay out and separate some of the information. I would create more room which would help it be clearer. I would also add in more pictures of places in London and graphs to show more information of the length of time it takes to travel between places and the length of time of activities.

The last task I had to complete was to show I was able to use the sort and filter tool in Microsoft Excel. I had to open a document with thousands of postcodes and locations which I had to get down to one; a member of the family’s house (SW11 6BP). I filtered the postcode and then used the search bar to find the correct postcode and location.

Overall I think my project went well, I found out the cheapest way of travel and place to stay and also learn different ways of producing work, I also learn project management skill which I can use in the future with other work.

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