Interview at Swan CD

Swan CD

I recently had an interview at Swan CD. The interview lasted around 10-15 minutes. It was pretty straight forward as we only had to explain our IT experiences and about ourselves. It was different to the Mock interview as we didn’t have to explain much about ourselves. It was more to do out skills in IT.

I wasn’t really nervous before going in as I was confident I would do well.  I knew what to expect as it’s just like any other interview. Just obviously in the IT side of things. I explained how I help my family and friends with their IT troubles. I only help with the simple side of things such as software and on times a little bit of hardware. I also explained how I helped my mum’s friend with her phone as she had a virus on it and she didn’t want to lose her photos.

We had a tour around the work shop and also in the back rooms of the building. It was surprisingly big as most computer repair shops I have been in have been small. It was a very well set out shop and was neat and tidy. It had everything in different orders such as working stations, computers that have been repaired and also a welding station in the back room. It was clean there and had plenty of room for you to work on.

I am looking forward to hearing how I did in the interview but I will have to have a big think about what I want to do.

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