My ITeC Presentation

Today in ITeC me and two others (Louis & Debbie) gave a presentation about where we work.

My Presentation:

My presentation went very well as I’ve had some very positive and interesting feedback off Debbie and Louis. The good points about my presentation that I was given was how my layout was shown and the way I presented my PowerPoint. I was also told that my information was in-depth and very interesting. I also made the guys laugh by adding a little credit scene onto the end.

Debbie’s Presentation:

The feedback that I gave Debbie were mostly positive. For example, she was told that her presentation was very well presented. But one bad point she had was the colour scheme. Light green against a white background didn’t go too well as it was hard to read.

Louis’ Presentation:

Louis on the other hand also showed his PowerPoint in a well presented way but he had a minor setback. When he’s nervous, he coughs a lot and also starts leaning back and forth. Another downside he had was that half way through the presentation he stopped and had a long pause which was unfortunate but he recovered very well. Understanding his view of the company taught me a few things I didn’t know as I work in a different department to him.

After watching the guys do their presentation there was a few things that I could of added to mine such as;

  • A slide about what course I’m doing
  • Why i’m taking the course
  • If I’m enjoying it

Overall everyone did well and I hope the best for them. Now that everyone has been given their good points and bad points hopefully we can all improve our skills and become even better.

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One Response to My ITeC Presentation

  1. lfurlongitec says:

    I would agree that I could have been more confident

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