PowerPoint Presentations

My reflective account of my PowerPoint presentation

I have just delivered a PowerPoint Presentation along with Sam and Louis which included;

  • Who I work with
  • What my job role is
  • A description on what we do as a company

I felt my presentation went OK, however after having seen Sam’s and Louis’ presentation I now realise that I could have added in pictures. I could have also practised my presentation ensuring accuracy which in turn would have created confidence with the delivery of the presentation.

In addition to the above I failed to explain Andrew’s role within the company.

It was also brought to my attention that the tool bar at the top of my PowerPoint was still on show throughout and that I had failed to notice this.

I feel this is a true account of my PowerPoint presentation.

Sam’s feedback on my presentation and my thoughts

Sam’s feedback was very constructive as I also realised that I should have added in pictures to make my PowerPoint a little more interesting. His feedback included me using the words “um” at the start of every slide, which I didn’t realise I was doing so frequently, however this I put down to not having the use of a clicker and nerves.

Louis Feedback on my presentation and my thoughts

Louis stated that the headings on my PowerPoint were not visual enough due to the colour scheme used in the title and the background.

I agree with Louis I could have used a more prominent colour for my titles in order for the audience to see more clearly.

My feedback on Sam’s Presentation

Sam’s presentation was very good with a good detailed description on the above criteria, and his end of presentation was developed fantastically with a bit of fun being incorporated into his PowerPoint.

Other feedback would be that Sam’s job role could have been explained at the beginning of his presentation rather than at the end, along with also adding in his reasons for completing the IT Apprenticeship and what he hopes to achieve.

The overall look of his presentation and delivery I thought was brilliant and gave a very detailed description of his job role, the company he works for, along with a little information on his achievements.

My feedback on Louis’ presentation 

I felt Louis gave a good presentation although I noticed that he had a large gap between one of his slide sentences, and could also have taken more care in aligning them.

Again I felt that Louis could have added a couple more slides on his reasons for completing his apprenticeship and what he hopes to achieve from the qualification.

In summary I thought that Louis came over a little nervous, however the overall appearance of his PowerPoint and delivery was very good.



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3 Responses to PowerPoint Presentations

  1. deborahthomasitec says:

    Thanks for the feedback Sam it was very constructive. Good luck with the rest of your apprenticeship.

  2. sgrayitec says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree with everything you have said and good luck on your PowerPoint skills. Great effors 🙂

  3. lfurlongitec says:

    I would agree with this, in that I was nervous while presenting my PowerPoint.

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