Swansea ITEC Presentation Review

Today Sam, Debbie and I had to deliver a presentation on the business we work for. Me and Sam both work at AB Glass as apprentices whereas Debbie works in her own family run business LifeLine Training.

Sam presented his presentation with confidence and included plenty of information about the infrastructure of the business, also including a hierarchy of the business, giving me and Debbie a more visual look on how the business works. He has shown that he has a  good level of knowledge about how the business works and also explained some of the things that he would do on a daily basis.

Sams presentation was clear and easy to read as he used colours which worked well with each other and were easy to read at a distance.I didn’t identify anything in the presentation that I could find fault with and explained this in my verbal feedback to him.

Debbie also presented her presentation well by speaking clearly and including plenty of information of the business which she works in. Debbie also used a hierarchy in her presentation to give the viewers a more visual insight into the business and how it functions.

One thing I think Debbie could improve on is her choice of colours, as she had used white and lime green, which didn’t look bad, but it was hard to read the headings from a distance, as the colours didn’t contrast well. In future she could use colours that compliment each other, these are the ones opposite to each other on the colour wheel.As Debbie said in her presentation she is on the course to build her IT skills and this showed in the presentation as it wasn’t delivered as a “show” and all formatting tools and slides were visible on the screen.

I feel that my presentation could have been done better by speaking more clearly and including more information. I also used a hierarchy to help visualise the structure of AB Glass. I also feel that I could have included more images to make the presentation more appealing and could have also included information on both why I am doing the apprenticeship and what I want to get form it.

Finally I think I should have expanded the slide on past jobs as I only included a couple of images on them. I could have gone into more detail on who they were constructed for, where they were located and how much they cost.

Me and Sam had a slightly different hierarchy diagram, I think this would have been because we work in different departments of the business, and we both have a slightly different outlook on how the business functions.

Overall I think everyone presented their presentation well, but there was room for improvement as discussed above.


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2 Responses to Swansea ITEC Presentation Review

  1. sgrayitec says:

    Thanks for the feedback Louis. Good work on the presentation and good luck in your apprenticeship 🙂

  2. deborahthomasitec says:

    Thanks for your feedback and your support Louis, I think we all did well with what we had, and I wish you all the luck in the future, in your workplace and your Apprenticeship.

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