Using Emails

Today I learn’t a variety different things which I will explain.  Firstly we learned about Netiquette which is a guide

line about online safety and appropriate language, for example if you’re sending an email to your boss you will proof read your email using grammar and spelling and not using slang.

Secondly, I learn about how to reply, forward, cc and bcc a message.  If someone sends you an email you can press the reply writing the subject and a message to person that is needed.

Thirdly, I learn’t how to create a message by composing a message, you will need to write their emails, the subject you want to talk about and a message and then they will receive the message make sure you do them all correctly .

In addition, I learn’t how to add an automated message and a signature into your message.  I went into my emails settings to do this make sure I wrote it correctly, first of all I did write it word , then I copied and pasted it.

Lastly, I created contacts in my email, we also created an group for  the students and one for staff.  Once created we displayed a test message for everyone, to see how it works.

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