IT Interest

In I.T I’m mostly interested in Graphics and Editing because quite enjoyable, just way they when I started I was fascinated on how do those things so I watched tutorials on YouTube on how do them, which was good.

The most exciting thing I’ve seen is what you can do  with Graphics and Editing and also when we discussed about holograms which was fascinating because I have never really looked holograms or even discussed which we went into detail about which I never known before, how they work etc.

You can tell if someone interested in a certain area if more passionate about than other subjects, they more enthusiastic about it, more upbeat because they like that subject and they probably would want a career in that area.

I use IT stay up to date new things about graphics, gaming , YouTube news,editing, and other stuff on social media and YouTube, I do watch a bit of YouTube videos on these subjects areas especially on graphics and editing because I’m passionate about them, to gain more knowledge about them..

Down bellow I have 4 videos of Graphics and Editing.

The First 2 are Graphics and the second 2 are Editing


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11 Responses to IT Interest

  1. Leia says:

    I’ve never had the patience for graphics. Bit of saturation on photos is about my limits.

    How easy it it following YouTube tutorials – I’ve always assumed I’d be stopping and starting the vid and would rather work from a handout/webpage on another screen.

    • reessitec says:

      It depends on how you like to learn, I like to just watch videos instead reading how to do it. It’s more interesting for me.

  2. lgrifiths says:

    Interesting point of view on graphics area in IT mostly want to know if their is any other sources you used for researching in graphics design?

    • reessitec says:

      I’ve talked to people on skype about graphics, twitter and forums. There are plenty of sources for graphic design, but can all depend what type of graphic design you want to do.

  3. hadyngermon says:

    I’ve never been any good with graphics/ anything which at all requires creativity so I have not touched graphics and editing. I’d love to give it a go one day though, it seems like a topic with endless possibilities.

  4. wallisitec says:

    I’ve not done much with this kind of stuff but would love to do more and you have given me some thing to think about thanks man

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