IT Interests <3

The IT that i am interested in are the more creative side of things and also the more practical use of it. these would be creative games, level, design logos, and or drawing and design 3d, 2d creators and also so being able to fix a problem if it were to arise and upgrade when needed or just build a good PC with a budget and have it do what i want and need it to do.

The most interesting thing i have seen later about IT is the new upgraded version of the PS4 and X-BOX ONE will be able to run games at a 4k resolution which seem good given that there about 350 the 400 pounds.

The way i tend to tell if someone is interested in IT is that they tend to talk about it and seem to no about a lot more than i do 🙂  they also seem to have a much wider under standing of all secitetors of IT

I tend to use IT a lot for fun playing games and also work which is pretty easy to keep up to date on since google and youtube are a big thing i tend to use as well whether it be looking up how to do something or just google what something is and a cat video now and again.

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3 Responses to IT Interests <3

  1. Leia says:

    Wide variety there. And of course cat videos are what the internet is made for. Even our article-of-the-day writer Clay Shirky agrees… 😉

  2. hadyngermon says:

    You seem to have a good mix of creative and practical IT interests – opposite ends of the scale which my brain can’t cope with.

    What type of creative things have you recently been doing?

  3. lgrifiths says:

    Cool area to work in but exactly what do you want to be designing also is specific genre and company you would want to be working for is it aiming to be self employed?

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