IT Interests

I’m interested in lots of bits of IT – learning technologies obviously, new ways of getting stuff done that don’t involved just electronic versions of paper methods – I’m a sucker for experimenting with ‘life hacks’ – wearables (I have a LEAF), productivity methods (Currently Workflowy, Trello) and gamification (The Walk and Zombies Run by SixToStart, and Habitica).

Bit of Google fangirl – Always want latest Android version and been watching the developments with things like Google Home and Amazon Echo with interest – they’re somewhere between cool and creepy.

Not a big gamer but still occasionally go retro with the port of 2D Sonic the Hedgehog on the iPad or games which play with the format like the 3D audio Papa Sangre series.

I have an overfull RSS feed and a few podcasts subscriptions (two in Welsh – Fideo Wyth about gaming and Scifi/fantasy media and Hacio’r Iaith about language and technology and everything in between)

I’ve a underused membership of the Swansea HackSpace and keep  meaning to make more use of their 3D printer – enjoyed the little robot I built there but haven’t finished programming him (I accidentally made him agoraphobic…)

Other that that most of my tech news filters to me via Facebook and Twitter.  I’m a bit impatient watching videos – would rather skim read than wait for a lecture!

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3 Responses to IT Interests

  1. reessitec says:

    What is your biggest life hack you have used in the I.T industry?

  2. lgrifiths says:

    So I presume its mixture of hardware and literature. I also tend use retro video games and try to keep up with getting most up to date tech.

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