“Employers being permitted to investigate their potential employees social media accounts”

My role in the whole debate was the moderator my  responsibilities was to do time keeping, keeping them from talking over each other, corrections if they made any mistakes and to give my opinion.

In my opinion the debate arguments from both sides where to a satisfying condition reasons for this is they tended to interrupt each others at  times, long pauses, laughing instead of talking and going off topic.

Both sides did give good counter arguments but a problem which did happen when they gave a counter argument  was they did tend to all speak at once at times which in my opinion is unprofessional. But one of the good counter argument points on aspects such as areas in social media belonging to potential employees about the employer checking their social media.

Important areas where one such as the counter argument conversation on personal life and professional aspects on the potential employees all being looked into which was started by Wallis and eventually led to a discussion between on both sides on a middle ground which was given towards the end of the debate.

The last thing that was done was the closing statements given by both sides and they gave their comments on their closing statement and once they had finished them I had to choose if I was For,Against or a middle ground I chose For and then I explained why I had chosen For.


About lgrifiths

Hello my name is Lewis Griffiths I am 17 years old and I am working towards getting a job in game programming currently
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One Response to Debate

  1. Leia says:

    Good detailed account. I think we’re going to do some whole class tasks on spotting and managing interruptions!

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