“Employers should be able to investigate the social media accounts of potential employees prior to interview?”

In debate me and Dylan were against the argument, which went terrible because me and Dylan weren’t prepared for the debate.  I was the counter argument-er and Dylan did the opening statement.  There were times where did make good counter statements from Connors opening statement such as when I talk about discrimination mainly towards religion your interviewer could be racist and I talked about you could pictures from few years with your friends which could be taken out of context.

On the other hand, Wallis and Connor were well prepared for the debate, Wallis was relaxed and professional he made good statements and Connor was loudest, he was clear which was good which I made points on.  The fact that Connor and Wallis were well prepared made confident.

Overall, I’m for the debate to certain extent, they should be able to check your sex, age, experience but they shouldn’t be able look at personal life and other things which are confidential.

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2 Responses to Debate

  1. Leia says:

    Good honest account – What do you think you could have done to prepare better?

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