Our debate

Employers should be able to investigate their social media of potential employees before interview

We had a debate about how “If employers should look at your social media” It was me and Ryan for “Against” and Connor and Wallis For”For”, where as me and Ryan were under prepared Wallis and Connor were the complete opposite. We talked about how it should be only looked into, to an extent and its not fair if there  looked into any further.  I think Wallis did good because on the surface he was calm and relaxed but then he just shot.

Me and Ryan mentioned how people could make a bad/offensive profile using your information and the interview/employer could find that instead of yours, we also mentioned they could be bias, someone could have private profile without showing they have experience but someone with some experience and showing they have it but drinking and they would get the interview because the experience is public.


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2 Responses to Our debate

  1. Leia says:

    Interesting link to identity theft there!

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