My drone/uav lesson

Last lesson we talked about all types of drones, we talked about military and domestic drones. We talked about how drones are starting to deliver for companies and how their being used to power things, and set up internet in places where internet inst usually possible. We also designed our own perfect drones, we talked about how to power it and what will it be made out of. Then we went into 2 teams, Me and Wallis and Ryan and Lewis each team had a different task me and Wallis were tasked with designing a drone for recording wildlife and the other tasked with delivering medicine’s and other thing that would be needed at moments notice .

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2 Responses to My drone/uav lesson

  1. Leia says:

    Interesting. I think there are some in use for wildlife monitoring.

    (And I’ve seen a video of trying out sheep rounding up too!

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