Graphic Design

Firstly, I would like to say I have been watching a few videos in the news of Graphic Design such as “Top 3 Useful Websites For Designers!” “3 Things To Do Before You Design Anything” which was very intriguing, so I decided to watch them.

By watching these videos, I learned other websites that graphic designers in a day to day basis designing and things you need to do before you start to create your design.  Well, I did know some websites that graphic designers when designing for a client.

I also, 3 questions you need to ask your client before designing, which are

  1. Define the goal?
  2. Diagnose the problem?
  3.      a. Who is the target audience?
  4.      b. Why is it important?
  5.  What is the message?
  6.       a. How should the audience feel?
  7.        b. Where will it be shown?
  8.        c. How will it be shown?
  9. What Part of the sale cycle will the viewer be?
  10.        a. Where are they?


Narrow your design exploration.

a. Establish the criteria.

b. Define your sandbox.


What are the creative parameters?

a. What can it look like?

b. What can it sound like?

Ask coded language.

a. e.g. What does “epic” mean to you?

b. e.g. What does “elegant” mean to you?

How will you make your decision on who to work with?

a. Is it money?

b. Shopping for the lowest price?

c. Is it the results?

d. Is it report (to get along with)?



Top 3 Useful Websites For Designers!

3 Things To Do Before You Design Anything

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