Keeping up to date – this week’s news

As discussed last week I use The Old Reader to keep track of my various IT and education news sources and podcasts but this week both the stories that caught my attention actually popped up in my Google Now feed instead.  (It’s halfway between cool and spooky just how much Google knows about what I’m interested in!)

The first was a rather alarming stat about the high number of Android apps on the Play Store infected with the DressCode trojan – one fo the things this malware can do is turn your device into part of a botnet for launching DDOS attacks.  The infected apps included some really popular ones such as a GTA themed Minecraft mod which had been installed between 100,000 and 500,000 times!

The other bit of news which caught my attention was also IT security related but more ‘whitehat’ – a gamified version of a documentary about the activities of hackers in Syria, created by international news channel Al Jazeera.  While themed around the conflict in Syria  it sneaks in a lot of really good solid information about how malware works, how people are tricked into clicking on ‘dodgy’ links and similar.  Maybe we’ll have a play of it in class! #ESDGC!

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