My choice source for IT news

My choice for news is LinusTechTips on YouTube  on this channel they do reviews on all the new peripherals , PC cases, laptops and just technology. They get somethings early so they can review them and let people know if the tech is worth buying by them giving a full run down of its function, specs and usability. They also do DIY videos on some interesting things like building a PC and desk in one, and they got a series were they have a budget and they compete against another team to see who can get the best looking and performing PC for gaming.

One video i found interesting is of a PC that cost $40.000 made by a company called “pugetsystems” from what i gathered they specialize high performance custom computers, their pc’s are heavily customized meaning that by you choice almost every component that put into your system. Pugetsystems has been voted for best computer 2016 or in honorable mentions by multiple big sites such as toms hardware, PCworld and so on, its really quite hard to find information on this company because their products are so expensive.

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2 Responses to My choice source for IT news

  1. Leia says:

    Good sources. Make sure you keep up to date with them each week and try to take note of at least one thing you’d like to research further each time.

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