My Experience With Learnium

This afternoon we had a demonstration which would be a new way of learning using the website or their app, they took inspiration from other social media and adapted to it, which was clever. There were chat groups which are like Twitter DM’S.

We used demo accounts and tested it out we changed and edited our profile, to what we wanted.  We had an option to create different communities which are like Facebook groups then can click an option to post in community, they also had a online Microsoft Word.  This would mean it will automatically upload and any work you do automatically uploads.

The layout the website was quite good, was easy to function and get around the website because it was simple to use which made it a better experience but I think they added too much, they a bit too hard with this project.

Overall, I wouldn’t to purchase this app because that would be like paying to sign up for Twitter and it’s a waste of money. We have everything we need in the classroom to our work using Learnium, would be probably hassle we would haveto learn it and find where everything is by experimenting which is wasting time when we could be doing other things instead.


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