Our experience with Learnium

We had a demonstration about a project called Learnium, Learnium is a website with elements of social networking sites implemented within from sites like Facebook, pintrest and YouTube. You can join communities that your interested in it could be music, gaming or writing if you like it you could join or make a community, you can chat with other people and comment, and like their posts. Its got a simple layout, easy to grasp and understand.

Whilst in a community you can share links to Dropbox, Googledoc, YouTube and pictures i think that was a smart choice to add the sharing option it could be useful, if you needed help with a song or game you could ask in one of your community for help

Although its small the chat was buggy and not real-time but i think the lady said its getting updated soon.

Even though i wouldn’t personally buy this it seems like a good idea and i think they should carry it out to see what it could become, i think it has potential.

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3 Responses to Our experience with Learnium

  1. Leia says:

    If we assigned work on their do you think people would be more likely to do it? (And to catch up on it in their own time if they missed a session?)

    Would you use it for ITeC stuff away from class?

    • dylanitec says:

      I dont know if id use it because were used to what we’ve been using now and i dont see any problem with what we’re currently using

      • Leia says:

        Okay, thanks for the info! It’s more useful from us to hear honestly from learners than guess, as you can probably imagine!

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