Welsh lesson

In today’s lesson we spoke about how the Welsh language has become less popular now than in the 1900s. We spoke about how the Welsh language has migrated to Patagonia and is now being spoken now.

I found out than in 1965 a boat went over to Patagonia from Wales with 200 Welsh people on board. The reason for this is because the Welsh speakers who were on the boat thought the Welsh language would die out so they migrated it to a different country that is similar to Wales. At least that’s what they were told. They had brought the Welsh language over to a different country and that is probably one of the main reasons Welsh is still a growing language. The boat was called Mimosa. It wasn’t originally made to carry passengers but they built more onto the boat for it to hold passengers. There was more than one boat that sailed out and they were all under the name “Mimosa”.

I feel that Welsh should be a second language for any Welsh person but I understand some do not have any interest in doing so. I feel that in schools Welsh isn’t taught properly as they don’t really give you a lot to do. Usually you’d get given a peace of paper with some words and you’d have to translate it. Which I think is wrong and should be corrected. I also think the government should bring Welsh lessons free to the public for them to get a basic understanding of the language. Maybe after work/school hours which would be good and would defiantly get the language out there more.

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