My visit to AB Glass

So today me and the boys went to AB glass for a look around to understand the joys of work. The owner of AB Glass is an interesting guy as he told us how he basically came up with and created AB Glass. He finished school at the age of 15 and went to work. He worked for a few small companies and then progressed to bigger ones. Something happened with one of the places he worked for and he decided to make his own small glass fitting/making company. “Man and his van” as he called it. He named it AB glass because its his initials and he also said it would put him to the top of the yellow pages.

He progressed on and on then decided the company was getting bigger so he bought a small building. Later on that got to cramped so he had to get a bigger one. He then kept building and building his company to where he is today.

Today I also learnt that glass isn’t just glass. There is certain ways you have to do it. Such as double glazing, single glazing and also if the building is full of glass in the summer it will get too hot so they had to put certain materials into the glass to prevent that.

I enjoyed him explaining how he progressed his company as it kind of gave me and idea of what work is really like! Alan was a nice guy and he also give us tea and biscuits. Cheers Alan!

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