Trip To AB Glass

Today me and my class went to AB Glass for a trip at ITech. When we got to AB Glass we met a man called Alan Baryley. Alan was the MD of the company. After we met Alan we went in the meeting room and had a chat about what the company is how how Alan got in to what he does for work.

Shortly after having a chat with Alan we went on a tour around the whole building. We went to the factory where we saw all the machines that they use to make the glass frames etc.  We also met the people who worked there.

When we was done with the tour we headed back to the meeting room and had tea and biscuits which Alan supplied us with. We then had another brief chat with him and shortly after the chat we was finished in AB Glass. So then we headed back to ITec.

I had such a good time there that I am inspired form Alan to have my very own Business on day.

Thanks Alan! 🙂


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