sa1 solutions

Today with ITec we went to SA1 Solutions for a tour of the building and to see what they do there. When we got there we was greeted by Simon and Rhian and then we had a talk about what we would like to do in ICT as a job.

Then we got split in to groups of 3 for a tour. In my group there was me, Connor and Ryan. We went to every room and talked to some of the people who worked there. As well as that we went to the server room and it was cold.

I have learnt nothing in my experience at sa1 solutions. But still had a good time looking at the servers etc. In the company they have different roles for different parts in ICT.

I would like to have work xp there so I can have a better idea of what I want to do and to see what my strength and weaknesses.  If I was to do work xp there I would like to do all different things like Graphics design, Coding, Building Computers etc.

You should put me forward because I am willing to give anything ago. I like to have a challenge. I can work on my own. I have had work xp before and have had a job. And I have good team skills.



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