SA1 Solutions

What did I learn?

I learn’t that there a lot things they do which they do, at the start I only knew they did graphic design and coding.  we learned about the different roles and responsibilities such as IT help-desk, graphic designers, coders, web designers, business development and server engineers etc.  “SA1 Solutions is a leading Managed Service Provider based in South Wales offering services to over 200+ customers across the UK. They help clients improve their business and individual performance by providing professional well-managed IT infrastructure. They offer services done, professionally.”

Would I like work experience in SA1 Solutions?

Yes, I would like to have work experience or apprenticeship in SA1 Solutions doing graphic design, web design and learning the coding part.  I think that Swansea ITeC should  put me forward to SA1 Solutions because I’m interested in design, web design and coding, and when Faye and I had a talk with Mike it sounded intriguing from graphic design, to the web design and also to coding.  And I would also like to learn more stuff in the graphic design, web design and the coding industry, which help become better and develop new skills.


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