SA1 Solution’s company visit review

Today the class I am in at Swansea ITEC visited a  company called SA1 solution’s  the company was founded in 2005 they create websites which is either following the design from they’re client or they design it them selves for the client they also maintain the company servers for most of they’re clients as well maintain them. When we first arrived one employees who worked in business management who was called Rhian gave use an explanation on what the company focused in and when it was founded. For example with servers to keep them maintained if the servers where no longer usable or if it got to hot or cold it would send a email or a phone call to inform the employees in the departments so one of them could go fix it or transfer the data to a different location also an example was if they couldn’t get to work they would still be able to maintain them from home.

I would like to get a job their because the company is overall well rounded in areas so you wouldn’t be doing the same kind of tasks their everyday it would be a variety.

I would like to go work at SA1 solutions because it would help improve in the areas of IT which I lack experience in for example If I where to get work experience their I would like to improve upon my programming and Hardware skills in IT.



About lgrifiths

Hello my name is Lewis Griffiths I am 17 years old and I am working towards getting a job in game programming currently
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