ITP Level 4/ The Beginning

I am currently working as a Data Centre Engineer for the DVLA and the department ITS.

My job role can vary and from task to task, no day is the same. A typical task can range from carrying out maintenance work on Switches, Servers and Hardware equipment. This could be from swapping a motherboard, examining and changing RAM on the server or even something as simple as changing the battery.

I have previous IT experience ranging from my GCSE C Grade Level to Passing my NVQ Level 3 IT systems course. In my current job role I am surrounded with technological equipment and IT Experience is part of my day to day life.

I hope once i complete the course that I can then move on to start a career in Networking, hence taking this course as networking has always been a unit in IT which fascinates me (not to mention the pay :))

This course will enable me to obtain the qualifications i would like and need in order for my career to really kick start within Networks or even my current role, familiarising myself with all types of hardware and software technological equipment. I have always been interested in technology, whether its the hands on approach or software i have always been around Information Technology.




About J-Coxy

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