My 1st blog -ITP Level 4

I currently work for the Driver & Vehicles Licensing Agency (DVLA) in Swansea within the Telecoms team. We provide 1st/2nd line support for around 5000 staff over 5 sites encompassing Telephony, Call Centre analytics,  Audio/Video conferencing & WiFi network.

Typical daily tasks would include the administration of the switch network for users, hardware failure swap-outs, scheduling of conferencing calls, new installations and staff moves.

I have previous IT experience in Data Centre managed service & Data Network support.

I have a total of 9 years across the above areas, all with the DVLA, and wish to expand my knowledge to become a Senior Engineer within the general IT Infrastructure environment.

The purpose of enrolment on the ITP Level 4 course was to put my 9 years of hands-on experience into an academic route and see if I could achieve a recognised qualification.

My training needs are really to bring what I’ve learnt ‘on the job’ and fill in the gaps through structured studying to have an all round package to progress my IT career.

What we have covered so far on the course has already started to address the ‘gaps’ and can see this qualification being really suited to my needs and aspirations.



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