Start of Level 4

I have just started my Level 4 course with Swansea iTeC (i have previously completed levels 2 and 3 here). This is my 2nd program whilst working for SwanCD Computers, having completed my Level 3 here when I started my employment with them in 2013.

I started working in IT in 2012, when I began working in a call centre, providing IT support for approximately 100 users as part of a 2 man team.

In 2013 I moved to SwanCD Computers to begin my level 3 course and to also take a new job role. I now do a lot more work with external companies and also with home users and business users. I help to fix all kinds of issues from basic tutoring with users who cannot use their devices, to helping move entire networks when a business is relocating.

I hope to stay within similar roles in IT (hands on repairs), however I would like to expand my knowledge so I am able to work with more devices and do more complex jobs.

I am on the Level 4 course primarily to gain extra knowledge and experience with servers (setting up, troubleshooting, maintaining etc), as this will help me greatly within my current job role and any I wish to progress onto in the future. I also am hoping to becoming a leader / manager in my current workplace, so the project management will help me greatly.

So far on the new course, I have been studying network protocols. I have very little experience with them apart from the day to day protocols (such as https) and I have also used the mail protocols a lot in my workplace (pop, imap, smtp) but I have never known how they actually work, so it is good to find out what is happening behind the scenes and why they do what they do.


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