For this Christmas I got new clothes, a book, horror films, pasonomi 3d VR glasses for your phone, the new call of duty infinite warfare, got some money form my family members and got a plant for my bedroom and I also got a bench press that is in the garage so I can use it when I want to.

Over the holidays I went with my friend Aaron to winter wonderland , went to watch Swansea city at the liberty stadium, I went t0 the cinema to see fantastic beasts and where to find them and rouge one a star wars story, invited some friends over at boxing day, we played the mouth guard challenge and cards against humanity and wen over a friends house to celebrate new years day.

My reflect on last year is that it was a good year, I found the right course for me, my maths  and English is improving, I have made a lot more friends, I have started to go out more with friends, my communication skills have improved and am starting to learn a lot about computers that I didn’t know before.

My goals this year are to pass my maths and English, pass my driving’s licence, and hope to get a job of what I want to do which is working in a office.


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