Christmas Holidays blog

For Christmas I mostly got money which I spent on video games as well as that I had some family visit. Apart from that over the Christmas holiday’s  I did the same thing most days  which was eat, sleep and play video games apart from that I did go down to England to visit my step father.

Over last Year I finished up the BTEC Level 1 IT course which I had been doing at start of September the  previous year  before which out of it I received  a BTEC level 1 in IT after I had finished the BTEC Level 1 IT course I started Swansea Itec trainee course in September which has helped develop  certain skills such as team work, programming and communication also it had helped me  improve literacy and numeracy as well as decide what I intended on doing after finishing the trainee-ship course.

The main goals I have for 2017 are first achieve a BTEC Level 2 in IT as well as that I would like to try to get a job.


About lgrifiths

Hello my name is Lewis Griffiths I am 17 years old and I am working towards getting a job in game programming currently
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