DVSA Apprenticeship

My name is Craig and today marks my first day with Swansea ITec, where I will be working towards my Level 3 Apprenticeship in IT Professional Competence.

I am employed by DVSA, whilst this is my first day in college I have actually been employed for 3 weeks, during which time I have been given the opportunity to get a great insight into the different elements of the organisation and what my new role will entail.

The main aim of the DVSA, as part of the Department for Transport is to ensure that the appropriate driving standards are maintained throughout the United Kingdom.

At present my role as a Junior Developer is predominantly learning, which is being achieved through in-house and off-site training, as well as mentoring from peers. Once I am an accomplished developer, my role will involve assisting in the development and maintenance of applications that will be used by our operational staff who work on the front line.

Having had a passion for IT since I was a child and obtaining a HNC in Computer Science in my early 20’s, I was delighted to see my apprenticeship opportunity come up. Whilst I have no experience working in the IT sector, this role was too good to miss so I decided a change of career was the best course of action for me.

My experience so far has been excellent, the training has been top notch and I am learning new things daily. So far I have looked at Web Fundamentals, HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as overviews of various tools that will assist me in coding

It also helps that all the apprentices that I stared with get on well, and have already developed a good rapport.

I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge over the next few months, and putting some of the theoretically knowledge into practice.

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