First day at ITeC

My name is Ryan and I am an apprentice software developer.

I am now in the fourth week of my apprenticeship at the DVSA, where over the next two years I will be training and working to become a full stack software developer, along with 5 other apprentices.

The main aim of the organization is to develop and maintain mobile & desktop applications to be used by the different agencies that form the DfT, or the Department for Transport.

To achieve this aim, myself and my colleagues will be learning to use languages such as HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and many more. The goal is for us to become proficient enough in these languages so that we can contribute to different facets of the applications and software. The way this will work, is that we are going to be split up and placed on two different development teams, where 3 of us will be working on the front-end, and the other 3 will be working on the back-end. This allows the team to maintain a steady balance of skill levels, whilst still allowing us to train.

I myself come from a completely different background. Prior to getting this job, I did an apprenticeship as a Maintenance Technician, specializing in electrical engineering.

The only experience I have in this field, was self taught using online resources such as Code Academy and TeamTreehouse.

This job role has provided an excellent opportunity for me to change career paths and learn new skills, without crippling me financially.

I look forward to seeing where this job takes me, and how the skills I will learn here benefit me in the future.

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