408 Data Communications and Networks Module

I am coming to the end of my first unit – 408 Data Communications and Networks – with the main areas covered being OSI Model, Local / Wide Area Networks, Digital Signalling, Errors & Collisions and Routing.

This has given me a general overview of Data Networks and a good baseline to which to try understand further on how ‘everything’ is linked together from a simple office environment right up to cross-site campuses and the internet.

A lot of the unit is split up to demonstrate where the current technology and protocols started from and even though you are learning about legacy and practically redundant technologies, it was pretty essential to have a good grounding.

The lessons had varied approaches to the teaching elements from white board, videos and hands-on activities.

Within in my job role, I have been able to match up some of what I’ve learnt with the infrastructure that my team supports with the different protocols such as Ethernet / CAT 5, Fibre and Wifi.

Having a good overview of Networking, I will want to take it further with more hands-on practical tasks such as building a small network with switches and routing between networks. I realise this can get quite vendor specific but I felt an element of working at that level might have been touched upon.

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