My Networking Unit Experience

During my time at ITeC Swansea, I have been learning in depth about Networking and its protocols. I have lunged into the world of the OSI model and all its features, through to Wans and its essentials, to even opening in to the vast world of Signalling.

I have discovered positive methods of learning, ways on how to improve my learning and how to stay focused on vast information subjects.

All so far has gone well, to the teaching, support of all staff to all the students on the course. Everyone helps each other and supports if topics go over my head. What has gone not so well is the worry for the exam, how to calm yourself before any exam is a must learn in order to stay focused and (fingers crossed) pass the unit.

In my day to day/ working life, this unit sits great due to me being in a technological department. I deal with problems and focus on IT Solutions on a day to day basis, so this course has expanded my knowledge and understanding of Networking in such great depth.

The next step is to now sit the exam, after that, will move on to the next unit within my IT Level 4 units.


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