So Far

During the last few months at Swansea ITEC I have learnt a variety of different topic’s which include Network types, Topologies, Hardware, OSI model, Wans, Signalling, Errors and collisions and most recently Routing.

The methods that have been used for learning are writing down the information which we are required to learn, digesting it then re-writing it during different times while in the classroom and also in my own time so the information not only sticks but is in my own words to make it easier for me to understand. Discussion’s in the classroom’s are also very helpful.

Further resource has been available via Moodle in text, images and videos. All information went well together and any underlying questions were answered in Moodle.

Some of topics we have learnt do cover what my current job role is but there have been topics that are not relevant to my role, but for other departments outside my office these topics are relevant so I think it was useful to learn them to understand how they work.

Next steps are to make sure I have learnt all the information I have been presented with as shortly there is an exam so I will need to brush up on topics we first covered.

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