So far…

So far on ITPL4, I have learned about a range of data communications and network topics. These include; OSI Model, WANs, Digital Signalling, Errors and Collision and Routing. I have used different methods of learning and revision which I found very useful such as reflective learning. This is where you write down notes on a specific topic and then re write them after a short period of time. You can the check your new written notes against the original to ensure your answers are accurate every time.

I have a number of different resources available to me to help me with this course. I am currently using Moodle which allows me to read over previous lessons and attempt practice assessment questions. I am also using Professor Messor which is an online course with access to educational videos. These are helping me expand my knowledge on networking which will be beneficial for me when I sit my exam.

I feel that the knowledge I have gained so far is helping me in my current role as I provide IT support to users. I have also been sharing some knowledge with my colleagues on team which I think is also benefiting their development. The thing I find most useful is the note taking skills we have been taught. I have been able to convert my notes into informative paragraphs which will also help me in the exam.



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