First Day Training

Previous Work Experience
I have previously worked in Swansea ITeC for about 7 months, with my main technical contribution being in the maintenance of computers (for example installing and keeping software up to date).

Previous Use of Computers
My past use of computers is large and varied, since I have used computers in some form whether that be desktop computers, tablets or phones since an early age. Over the majority of that time, I have maintained them independently, with occasional simple troubleshooting.

Current Job Role
My current job role is part of the IT technical support team in Ysgol Bae Baglan. My main purpose is to solve any IT issues which staff or pupils are experiencing, as well as preparation and upkeep of devices. Typical tasks include troubleshooting simple problems such as lost WiFi or connecting devices to projectors.

What I Would Like to Gain
I would like to gain knowledge on parts of IT which I am unfamiliar with work as well as best practices for identifying and dealing with potential problems.

Future Career Aspirations
In the future I would like to continue my current role as part of a technical support team. I enjoy the diversity of problems brought to me and troubleshooting them, as well as learning new ways to solve these problems.

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