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During my time at secondary school I was always able to access computers and always had a keen interest in IT in general. Through years 7-9 I studied compulsory ICT and then after these three years decided to take GCSE ICT for a further two years as one of my three chosen subjects. Within these two years I gained a wide range of understanding with programs I had never used (Adobe – Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks) before and those I had only basic knowledge of, e.g. Microsoft Access and Excel, as well as gaining a further understanding of the simpler programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. At the end of these two years I achieved a B grade in ICT.

Although I have only recently started my current job at Siderise Ltd. I have already been assigned a number of tasks and been introduced to various programs I had never used e.g. SharePoint, SQL server, Visual Studio and the Mitel phone system. On my first day in the job my first task was to unbox and set up my brand new PC, two monitors, keyboard and mouse. I spent most of that day installing programs and being giving inductions and introductions, however, as I am part of a small IT team I was given administrative access to the Company intranet and have therefore already been introduced to SharePoint.

As well as a secure job and disposable income the main target for me during this apprenticeship is to work to my full potential and come out with an extra qualification in ICT which may hopefully lead to me going to university, a higher levelled apprenticeship or out into the world of work.

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