Congratulations Jacob

Yesterday (03/04/17) Jacob Davies completed his Start IT Award qualification and deserves praise for this achievement.

When Jacob started at the centre he had very few IT skills, he was able to use PowerPoint to create simple presentations though. Jacob has  worked for the past few weeks on using the different Microsoft applications and completed assignments for Word and Spreadsheets as well as showing his file management ability (IT Fundamentals). In all exams Jacob achieved a DISTINCTION mark only losing 1 mark in both Word and IT Fundamentals and achieving 100% for Spreadsheets.

As well as working towards this qualification Jacob has been completing business administration tasks in the centre. These had him creating new labelling for all filing cabinets, sorting all folders alphabetically and preparing employer marketing packs. There were a few errors  sadon the way but he was able to correct them successfully .

Jacob has show these past few weeks great promise and will now go onto the traineeship programme at the end of this month, YES Jacob, 5 days a week, more qualifications and more exams.

Well done!  your certificate has been sent for and will be presented to you soon.




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