“How important are computers?”

Computers are extremely important in modern society; they allow people to communicate from far away quickly. If there were no computers, companies would have to resort to paperwork and slower systems and manually do their work, while now computers store all required information and have easy to read databases to organize and sort data. Computers automate the production and services of many different things. Computers are required for scientists to make accurate and detailed predictions of anything, so they would be able to test stronger and faster mechanisms before creating and testing it in the real world. Computers have helped out mathematicians to solve complex problems through brute force calculations.

I wouldn’t have gone into the IT field and there wouldn’t be any field in IT and computers if there were no computers. From my computer, I can get education and entertainment from my own house and also read the latest news with a couple of clicks. The field of medicine has improved because of technology as computers allow doctors to easily file and store all of their patients in databases, and also keep track of all diseases and illnesses and their cures in databases. Overall, Computers are very important to keep everything more organized and efficient and allows us to achieve many more things in our lives.

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