How computers have had an impact on my life

I had intended to post this on Monday 15/05/17, sorry it’s late. I asked Ethan and Conor (in-house learners) to explain the influence that computers has had on their lives. So I thought it was only fair that I did the same. It is a bit of a “rant” at times but also explains how I didn’t follow opportunities when I had the chance. So here goes…..

Computers, how have they changed my life? When growing up I didn’t have a computer as most children have today, the nearest “thing” was a typewriter which would only write when you pressed the different keys (sometimes you had to really “whack them”). Technology has changed a great deal since then or has it, as I am still pressing different keys to get words to paper.

Throughout my school years I still didn’t have access to a computer and wasn’t able to “take” typing as I was in the wrong “class” (not in the lower sets), I wasn’t really clever either but was expected to do “proper subjects”. This was an opportunity lost (1) as far as I’m concerned, do teachers really have this influence over the future of their pupils? They did then, do they now (cynical comment)? Perhaps I’m in the wrong profession!

When I first learned to use a computer I thought they were great, difficult and frightening, all at the same time (is this possible?) I have learned that they can, when used correctly benefit everyone, save time and help you to gain a wide range of skills.

Using a computer has allowed me to help others, given me opportunities to build my skills and opened up a “whole new world”, don’t you just love technology?

As a family we didn’t have a computer at home until the early 90’s and only then because my son thought it would help him with his GCSE prep and exams. I should have taken the opportunity to get to understand them then (lost opportunity 2)  but I didn’t.

Lost opportunity 3.  In a previous life and job, I was working with apprentices and they had to complete projects for i.e literacy and numeracy. This involved creating documents and graphs using graph paper, yes, you can still get and it is still being used now, I think!  With a computer at home I could have used software applications to help my learners, did I? NO, I didn’t, I used to have my daughter to do it for me. So you can see why this is another missed opportunity to “get into” IT.

Fast forward a few years, though I’m not telling you how many from the start of my journey. Now I can do “some things” with a computer, I can’t believe I didn’t have the courage to experiment years before. And the morale is? To take all the opportunities life and employers offer you, even if you think you are not good enough, YES, you can learn no matter what your age. I wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t “taken the plunge” into the world of IT (better late than never).

And now the influence of IT for us all, have we benefited?

IT has been a great advantage to the world; it’s helped to advance so many different aspects of our lives.

What would the world be like without computers/internet/www access?

  • Would man have walked on the moon?
  • Would medicine have advanced with cures for diseases?
  • Would we have Smart phones?
  • Games consoles; are these a good or bad influence on us?

With reference to “gaming” I’m not sure on whether we would be much more outgoing if these hadn’t been invented, why? Is it better that we are fixated (addicted) with playing games indoors or should we be spending more time outdoors with family and friends. Kids were a lot healthier “back in my day” (oh! nostalgia talking) “in my opinion”. Enough of that now!

How has the world of work changed? Would big businesses/individuals be worth “billions”? Would we all have more fulfilling and healthy lives? It’s difficult to really say how we would manage, as we have all gotten used to “how it is now”.

Trying to explain to the “youth of today” what is was like to live without smart phones and computers, they think that I’m “really old”  am I? I don’t feel that I am. You could say that “I’m growing old disgracefully” though I am trying to be a positive influence. That’s what we “oldies” should be doing, as well as passing on a huge amount of life experiences and hope that they learn from our mistakes; NO they won’t, because we never learned when our parents tried to give us the same advice, did we?

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2 Responses to How computers have had an impact on my life

  1. jasezean says:

    What you have talked about reflects the experience that many of us had before computing became a mainstream activity and became easily accessible.
    You do ‘never stop learning, all through life. What is most dear to you now will have a different priority in 10 years time. It’s all about balance.

    Computers are a tool that can make our lives easier or more comfortable. Learning how to use technology as a tool, combined with keeping yourself fit & healthy will make your life richer and more fulfilling. It should also be used to help those around you, in the workplace, family and friends.

    When tools are used in the wrong way then they can make our lives more complicated and stressful. We invent and use vehicles, aircraft, fast food, smartphones and tech to make our lives better but employ them in the wrong way, not in rhythm with what we want to achieve. That’s when technology and computers unfairly take the blame, for being used incorrectly.

    Artificial Intelligence and The Internet of Everything will rapidly accelerate the way technology shapes society. It is already influencing your life and habits and will have a greater say in the future. You can fear this or chose to understand it and remove that misunderstanding.
    Learning about tech, even at the most basic level, will give you a better understanding of how technology plays a major part in your life and enable you to use those tools to benefit you and those around you.

    So get out there, embrace new technology, learn about it and use it to your best advantage.
    Everyone loves their smartphones, they are tech, expand your knowledge of tech beyond this and you just may find that your life does become easier and more comfortable.

  2. mairhavarditec says:

    Thanks for your comments. We all need to make the most of our opportunities when they present themselves and don’t forget that we need to find a happy balance between work,computing/gaming and leisure activities.

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