Project review


The project I have created is about Anime. I looked up multiple software to use for the project as I wasn’t allowed to use Powerpoint, so I ended up finding Prezi and decided to use that. The features that I used for my project was to change the font, text size and the colour of the text. I also added a background as an anime image. I found the information I needed from multiple sites that gave me what I needed for the topics I decided to talk about.
I got the top 5 anime list from this site;
This is the website that I got a bunch of genres from;

The few things that I feel like I did well on was the information gathering and the adding of images. I found it difficult to find images of anime that was copywrite free, though I was able to find a couple that was good enough.
The way that I could improve my project is by adding a little more information about some of the topics I had done. The other thing I could improve is my wording when it comes to expressing how I feel about Anime.
Whilst I was completing the project I discussed my progress with my tutor and made a few changes that they suggested for improvement. My tutor also pointed out a few spelling mistakes I had made and punctuation errors.

I finished the project on time but I had to make some changes as there was a spelling error and some wording in my sentences that I needed to fix. I made the corrections on 19/06/2017.

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2 Responses to Project review

  1. Leia says:

    Some previous learners have found the Creative Commons search on dev-art useful for copyright cleared images for media themed projects – swapping out fanart for screen grabs.
    Are you going to put the Prezi link up?

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