Review of my targets

I am working to improve my business admin skill at the centre and on work placement at Spraytech in Port Talbot. I go to Spraytech every Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week. In my calendar I set tasks to be completed at different times on the days I am in the centre to help me focus on what I need to do.

I have targets to achieve and they are to:

Improve confidence when speaking on the phone – I have been able to use the phone down at Spraytech, I haven’t had the chance to answer the phone when someone is calling but I have been able to ring and place orders for equipment that the workmen have run out of and need more to use.

Complete all tasks correctly, checking all spelling and grammar – I am able to complete tasks that have been set for me by myself when I am at Swansea ITeC and Spraytech and have asked for feedback on what I have done to make sure it is correct.

I have used the spelling and grammar check when completing work. This helped me to identify any spelling/grammar mistakes I made. When I have spelled a word wrong I corrected it, or used a word not recognised I pressed the “add to dictionary” button.

File all completed documents correctly (hard and electronic copies) – I have been able to put completed work into the right files e.g. Spraytech, Plan Guard, T.C. Wales, files A-C, files D-Z and Pinetree. I have also been completing invoices that go with the company and put them in with the completed work in their files.

At Swansea ITeC I file all my documents into different folders and name them so I can know what the document and file is if I need to find them again.

Greet all customers / clients and provide polite and helpful/friendly service – I have welcomed visitors at Spraytech and Swansea ITeC. I feel a lot more confident doing this now and I have helped Tracey on the reception desk when people are coming for their exams on Thursdays.

Reviewed performances with supervisor and discussed improvements to be made – I have had reviews with Mair about;

  • how much my ICT and Business skills have improved
  • how my project on the history of Swansea City football club is going
  • how my Spreadsheets practise is going and whether my skills have improved
  • asking if I have been able to do the tasks set on my timetable

My development plan: Target 1 achievement date was amended to give more time to build my confidence because I didn’t practice enough at the time when I was supposed to. I am starting to answer the phone now and my skills are improving.

Project planner for my Swansea City FC project: I have changed my timetable schedule quite a number of times because my project took longer than expected to get finished.

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