About Myself

Hi there my name is Aeron, I am 18 years of age, I have 2 brothers and 1 sister who drive me crazy nearly everyday also my parents drive me crazy. I also have a number of pets, I have 3 chickens, 4 gerbils, and a tankful of fish which to be honest I can’t count because they are all over the place.

My hobbies are to draw, play on the PS4, go out with my family and friends, go out on long trips on my long-board, going on holidays to different places, design things on the computer or laptop.

In about 5 years from now I don’t know where I will see myself. I would like to see myself as a IT Graphic Designer also Animation Designer. I am a student at the ITec trainee-ship centre for a couple of weeks. After I have completed my work at ITec I will be going to Tycoch college in September. I have been to Tycoch for 2 years but I will be going back soon and will be doing a different course. My last course was BTEC IT Lv1, I have passed the course but I wouldn’t be able to get onto Lv2 because the Welsh Bacc was holding me back from progressing onto it.

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