Blog on Swansea City F.C.

My project is about Swansea City football club and their history, covering the years 1912- 2017, the software I used was Prezi.

This was my first time using Prezi so I struggled at first to get used to using it but eventually I was able to without anyone helping me with it.

The font I used in this project was raleway and I had to use the A+ and A- sine to increase and reduce font sizes. This was because it didn’t give me I choice of what font sizes to chose from.

I got the information for the project from I also went on google maps got an image of the map and got the link and got an image showing the location of the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. I also added an image of when Swansea City first started as football players.

The things I did well at was finding a appropriate image of Swansea City football club, add information about their ups and downs, different positions in the leagues and what they have achieved over the years.

Project planner: I had to change the date of when I had to finish a few times because the project took longer than expected to get finished.

What I found difficult whilst doing this project was getting used to the Prezi software and how to use it to add

  • Place information into position
  • Add more info and shapes to the timeline

I could improve my project by adding a video of the players and the stadium only they were copyrighted and I couldn’t use them.

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