Developing Own Skills – Repairing iPads

I first watched some videos of other people fixing iPads to get a rough idea of what to do and to familiarise myself with the inside components of an iPad. I then gained some information from my supervisor who has fixed some iPads in the past. He demonstrated how he does certain parts of the fix as well as giving me some general advice.

I made some mistakes on my first attempt, such as using too much heat on parts of the iPad which are more fragile, so my supervisor analysed the iPad I had used and gave me guidance on what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. I improved greatly on my second attempt and even more so on my third attempt.

The fixes were needed as we had a very low stock of remaining unbroken iPads available (which we regularly give out to members of staff). We have multiple broken iPads available so to fix as many of them as possible would be greatly beneficial to prevent us from running out of iPads in the near future.

I still need to improve in my efficiency of fixing them to allow me to work at a faster pace (the main part I need to become faster at is managing the cables in a way so the new screen will correctly fit into place). In the future, I would like to attempt fixes on mini iPads and then possibly on to even more smaller objects such as smartphones.

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