Games Workshop

On Monday 24th of July we had a games workshop which lasted for the first 3 days of the week. On the first day we learned the basics of C# and general coding in Visual Studio 2013.

We were given examples of codes that we should try to follow and learn and then create them. On the second and third day, we had to use a program called Unity which was a more simpler program that had a lot of the scripts already made for us, though for actual character movement and entities we had to write up the code ourselves.

It was quite challenging as our knowledge of how to code and what we generally had to do, was low. We were given code that we had to follow and input into the script in order to make it work. We had to create a game where you are controlling a ball and had to go and pickup cubes that allowed us to gain more points and once we reached a certain amount of points, the game would congratulate us for completing it.

The day after that, we had to create another game but this game was a 2D game which required us to collect coins and progress through the map. The thing that made the game challenging was that the floor would fall after 2 seconds of being on it. This game took a while as we ran into a few errors that caused us to be unable to jump which made the game impossible to progress through due to the fact you need to jump to make it to the other grounding.

I overall had fun doing the games workshop, though it was fairly challenging due to being new with it all.

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